The Internet’s Getting Really Excited Over Beyonce’s Younger Cousin

Kristin Douglas

“Good lord, Beyonce’s cousin is thicker than racial tensions.”

Whilst attending her Uncle Skip’s funeral, Beyoncè took a casual, some might say ‘un-funeral-like’ – photo with some relatives. Her two cousins in fact.

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Well I don’t know if any of them knew what they were letting themselves in for, least of all her cousin Kristin Douglas (in the blue), who the Internet seems to have gone super thirsty for.

Kristin is a nurse, as well as a mum of two, and she rocketed into the blog world this week after Beyonce shared the photo on her Instagram account (no such love for her sister, also in the pic, apparently).

She’s gone from 2000 followers to 70k in a matter of days. And this is why:


Now, I’m not one to objectify women – but DAMN. Almost didn’t realise Beyonce was even there.

The internet is one to objectify women, however – and they’re having a field day with this one:


Welcome to the Internet, Kristin.

By the way, in case you didn’t get the reference in that last Tweet; it’s about that time Bey’s sister kicked the shit out of Jay-Z.


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