Bet You Didn’t Know You’d Been Slicing Pizza Wrong Your Entire Life?

Pizza Slice

Who knew?!

You know when you slice a pizza and you get it just right, instead of having it look like a shitty pie chart from GCSE maths? Yeah? Well you still got it wrong. You moron.

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Yep, we’ve been doing it wrong our entire lives. Some mathematicians at the University of Liverpool discovered the perfect way to slice a pizza, apparently, which results in 12 identical weird shaped slices. Not sure why cutting it into 4 uneven quarters isn’t good enough, but there we go.

Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley even wrote a paper about it – infinite ‘families of monohedral disk tilings’. Sounds like the hipster way of saying ‘cutting a pizza’, to be honest.

And here it is:


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You cut three lines through the pizza, resulting in 6 curvy slice, which then get halved, making 12 identical pieces for you to not share with your mates.

But how does it look when it’s done with an actual pizza? Like this:


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Why stop there? You can keep going. If you can be arsed, and are skilled enough with a pizza slicer, you can create a mandala out of your food.


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Geometry is very impressive. But it’s a pizza… Just eat it. Lot’s of it.


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