Best Way To Open A Beer, Ever


You want to know how you open a beer like a real man? You use a motherfuckin’ chainsaw bitch!


Opening a beer without a bottle opener is an art in itself. There are many ways to accomplish this task, and I’m sure you’ve all been in the situation where you’ve had to use them every now and then.

First up there’s the obvious way to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener, and that’s by using your teeth. I’ve done this on numerous occasions, always thinking it was a great idea at the time. After cracking my back teeth from this dumb trick I’ve vowed never to do it again. I now resort the second most obvious way of opening a bottle of beer without a bottle opener, and that’s with a lighter. If you don’t know this one then get to know, just hold the top of the bottle like you normally would, with your thumb and first finger wrapped around the rim (lolz) just under the bottle cap. Now squeeze and insert the lighter behind the 2nd knuckle of your finger. Get it under the bottle cap and force it open. Works a treat.

Now the guy in this video has a better idea, man feels like using his mother fuckin’ chainsaw to open his bottle of beer, and kudos to that man, because he pulls it off a treat. I’d also strike a guess that this dude’s from Russian, cos you know, Russians are all crazy brehs. Check it:

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