Top 5 Best Things That Can Happen When You Work In An Office

Here are 5 small victories that almost makes working in an office worth it.

I’ve been removed from the 9-5 office life for a while now, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Dialling number after number, trying to sell shit I wouldn’t even buy myself, and more often than not being told to go fuck myself and hung up on. I don’t miss it.

But saying that, there are some (very small) victories to be had in the office world. Here they are:

5. Getting Into Work Late And Realising The Boss Isn’t Even In Yet

You’ve had a late night, you’re hungover, tired as shit and mustering all the strength you’ve got trying to get to work on time. You’re already thinking up all these fake excuses in your head. But then you walk into the office and your boss isn’t even there. All that worrying for nothing! What a win.

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