VIDEO: Is This The Best Own Goal Of All Time?

Worst Own Goal Ever

This own goal has been doing the rounds in Brazil and is being heralded as the best one ever and it definitely has a strong case.

This video is currently doing the rounds in Brazil and has been labelled ‘the best own goal of all time’ which is high praise indeed, and it definitely has to be considered because of the sheer ridiculousness of the fact that the guy who scored it hit the post of his own goal about 2 seconds before, effectively making it look like he’s pretty much definitely a spy for the other team.

The clip comes from the Brazilian league where Nautica were playing Santa Cruz and the player in question Izaldo has a complete mare when defending his goal. Not only does he firstly slice the ball against the post when trying to clear it, it then comes back to him and he heads it into the goal from about two feet away when he’s under no real pressure at all.

You’ve got to wonder whether he’s just completely shit at football or helping out some big South American druglords with a result there, because there’s really no reason for him to do either of the things he did there in that situation.

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