Best New Tumblr Find – WTF QR Codes

QR Codes are really stupid and nobody I know ever scans them. Turns out nobody in your company’s marketing department knows how to use them either.

Do you know what a QR code is? You probably do, even if you don’t. It’s one of those stupid logo/design things that you scan through your smartphone and it takes you to a website or something on your phone. They’re all the rage these days, they’re everywhere. You know, on bus stops, in magazines, comic books, whatever. Sick Chirpse even had some stickers of them for a bit. But does anyone ever actually use them? Like I’ve seen a bunch around all over the place and aside from one dude who tweeted us after he used a QR code to find the site I have never seen or heard of ANYONE using one. Ever. I’ve never done it either, despite having a QR scanner on my iPhone. Maybe I’m just too old for this shit? Anyone care to enlighten me?

Anyway this blog isn’t really about my disdain for QR codes, it’s about how some people really don’t understand them. A QR code has to be easily scannable on your phone right. So it can’t be like, on top of a building, or spread around a corner or on a fvcking pizza or any of the other retarded places that these people have seen fit to place them. Here’s a selection of some of my favourites but you can find a bunch more over at WTF QR codes – it’s updated regularly.


Does anyone understand how QR codes work? Who the hell is gonna scan this girl’s ass with their smartphone?

Don’t understand how to use QR codes? Well just download an app using a QR code that will explain it to you. OK um next?

Too busy to talk? Pretty sure you won’t be too busy to scan this QR code though will you? Oh wait, that probably takes longer and is less useful.

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