Best New Tumblr Find: Signs From The Near Future

Ever wonder how all these amazing new technologies will integrate into everyday life? Designer, Fernando Barbella, has done just that. Showing us all how he thinks it might be done.

Will Justin Bieber still be an asshole? Will Miley still be ‘twerking’? Will Leo have won an Oscar?

Trivial things for most, I know, but ever imagine what you’ll get to see in your lifetime? How things will have changed in 5, 10, 15 years? Designer Fernando Barbella has. His series of images show technologies that he feels could be universal in the not so distant future.

It gets you thinking, I mean who fancies nipping down to Greggs in a jetpack or sending your hologram to that 9am lecture you just can’t scrape yourself out of bed to get to. Oh and selfie monitoring, he’s onto a winner there.

I personally want to see how far he takes these ideas and how long it takes before we actually see one out there.

Driverless Car

Driverless Taxi

High G-force

Disable Hologram

Jetpack rental

Synthetic Meat

No Selfies

Synthetic biology


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