Best New Tumblr Find: Scarygirl (GORE)

Scary Girl Banner

If you’re feeling a bit too perky and smiley, have a trawl through these pics to send you right back to the dark side, where you belong.

Eye Blood

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we enjoyed Beard’s recent Tumblr find – Kitties and Titties. There’s nothing there not to like. The clue is in the name. Literally everyone loves kitties and titties. A sad fact some may say, but not I. Anyway, this Tumblr display I found is the exact opposite of Beard’s. Its a trawl through grim, dark, gore infested lakes of mildew with a pair of binoculars in one hand and a microscope in the other. It’s not all just bleeding pulp, there’s just a general bleak mood about the whole thing that I dig. It’s all a bit unnerving.

There’s enough pics and GIFs to fill a medium sized crematorium, and every single one begs a stare. It’s not just a random distribution of blood, but a well curated massacre. Anyway, here’s a couple of my faves that I found on my stroll down disturbing lane. I recommend having a long swim in guts yourself, here’s the lot.

Face Chain Explosion

Mutant Baby Art

Japanese Dentist

Finger in Abdomen Gif

Hair Coming From Japanese Bald Ladies Face GIF

Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Porcupine Head Japan

Trip To Hell Painting

Zombie Bed GIF

Untitled #263 1992 by Cindy Sherman born 1954


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