Best New Tumblr Find: People Crying On Webcams

If you’re feeling down, just take a look at some people caught crying on their webcams. No way things are that bad for you.

I guess it isn’t really funny to make fun of other people’s memories but with material like this it’s just too hard not to. This is basically a tumblr that just features loads of real life people crying on their webcams and it’s hilarious. It’s kind of different to most of the tumblrs we feature on Sick Chirpse because it’s not all pictures but a bunch of real life videos. Just of people crying on webcams. You might think it’s mean to watch these but if you check them out you’ll see how hilarious they are. And hey, even if you don’t think they’re hilarious, if you’re having a bad day you can check some of them out and feel better about yourself. I mean even if your dad has died or you’ve contracted AIDS (is that even still as huge problem as it was in the 90’s?) or your wife has left you, at least your worst moments weren’t captured on a webcam that everyone in the world will probably end up laughing about at some point. Think about that next time you’re down.

People crying on webcams also raises a bunch of interesting questions, like why the hell have people uploaded these videos onto YouTube in the first place? Surely the people in them have no good reason to upload them, so it must be the people they were talking to who were making them cry? What assholes huh? But kinda cool assholes, you gotta admit. In some videos, you’re even thinking why the hell are these people using a Webcam because they’re not even talking to each other through it, they’re just typing. I guess that was how it went in the old days huh?  This adds to extra hilarity as you watch college girls who are probably breaking up with their long term boyfriends  – who have just discovered that they can have sex whenever they want with whoever they want  – as they type a line into their computer and then wait eagerly for the reply only to see their faces curl up and explode into tears as it’s delivered.

Anyway, here are a few of our favourites, but head on over to Webcam Tears for a whole bunch more.

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