Best New Tumblr Find – Chandler Dances On Things

Matthew Perry

Chandler Dances on Things is a Tumblr that, well, shows Chandler from Friends dancing on things. Pretty funny. Check it.

Matthew Perry

You know how much we love finding weird/hilarious/awesome Tumblr’s here at Sick Chirpse, so here’s another one for you to waste time looking at. It’s good to come across genuinely funny Tumblr’s once in a while because, let’s face it, most of the Tumblr’s out there are a load of shit full of cult images and memes that are about as funny as your gran dying.

This one, though, features Chandler (Matthew Perry) from Friends dancing on random objects/people and it’s actually pretty funny. Here are a few of the best images.

chandler dancing on photogenic guy

Chandler dancing on Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.

chandler dancing on bacon

Chandler busting a move on some bacon.

chandler dancing on the pope

Chandler getting down with the Pope.

Chandler dancing with Jesus

Chandler showing Jesus a move or two.

There are plenty more at the real thing so head over there if you’re so inclined.


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