VIDEO: Cyclist Confronts Bad Driver, Only To Be Met With The Best Excuse Ever

Best Excuse Ever

You’ll never, ever ever believe this guy’s explanation, but there’s certainly no arguing with it.

I’ve got a lot of sympathy for cyclists because it must be really tough riding your bike around busy cities where most people hate you and don’t seem to give you any right of way or anything.

However, I also think it’s kind of annoying when cyclists like the guy in this video sprint after drivers so they can tap on the window and moan about how they’re driving. If I was driving a car and someone did that to me then it would probably only serve to make me hate cyclists, rather than actually achieving anything positive for either of us.

That’s why this video is so great. The guy driving the car that the cyclist catches up to completely nails it and gives the single best excuse I think I’ve ever heard as to why he was driving badly. The cyclist is left absolutely speechless and you will be too.

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