This Is The Best Advice You Can Get If You’ve Invested In Bitcoin


Wise words.

With many people out there at least claiming to be millionaires following shrewd investment in Bitcoin, there are a lot of people out there running around with loads of money who aren’t really sure what to do with it except buy loads of stuff and brag about how smart they are for investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Thankfully though, somebody who knows what he’s talking about and is unbelievably rich is her to offer his advice about what to do with your newfound wealth and lifestyle and it’s actually pretty legit advice. His name is Alistair Milne and he was an investor that managed to cash in on the dot com bubble before it burst and also managed to invest in Bitcoin early, which kinda makes me think he’s probably one of the richest men alive and knows what he’s talking about too.

Here’s what he had to say:

I mean that is pretty boring advice, but you can’t really go wrong with it can you? It all makes sense and will genuinely make you happy and more secure in your life if you follow it.

But hey – they’re your Bitcoins so you can do whatever the hell you want with them. Just trying to give you some friendly advice.

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