Bernie Sanders Accidentally Stumbles Into TikTok Video, Looks Disgusted And Annoyed

Generational clash.

Bernie Sanders is the kind of politician who spends every waking moment wondering how to make the world a better place, so the last thing he probably wants to do is walk into the background of an annoying TikTok video in which the TikToker has also convinced the hotel valet to get involved (when he should probably be getting Bernie’s car instead).

The look of “what the fxck is going on here?” is classic Bernie:

Lol – he looks genuinely so unimpressed by it all. His face perfectly sums up how people who don’t use TikTok feel about TikTok, and the footage itself is a reminder of how obliviously annoying TikTokers are when they film their content out in public.

Then again, Bernie’s face is always like that so who really knows. Given his politics, maybe the reason he’s so disgusted is because he knows the top 1% of TikTok creators are the ones getting 90% of the views? Truly, a man of the people.

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