89-Year-Old F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone Is About To Be A Dad Again

Now that’s impressive.

Most men are struggling to make it to the loo without soiling themselves by the time they reach 89 years of age, but it appears that F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone is made of stronger stuff as he just confirmed he’s about to become a father for the fourth time.

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Is it a bit weird that his newborn child will have a 65-year-old sister named Deborah? Sure, but eccentric billionaires do eccentric billionaire things. Bernie – who has five grandchildren and a great grandchild -told Swiss newspaper Blick:

Yes, it is due in summer.

Hopefully he’ll learn to play backgammon soon!

Now let us have a look at the lucky mother to be – 44-year-old Fabiana Flosi:

Well I’m sure she’s been called a MILF in her time so at least now she’ll have the baby to back it up. Respect to Fabiana and Bernie and let’s hope for many wonderful years and experiences ahead of them with their new child. His first day at school. His football games. Dropping him off to uni. His wedding day. Who knows, maybe the little rascal will even give Bernie a sixth grandchild. Let’s just hope that Fabiana won’t be at a stage where she’s changing two nappies before then.

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