Bernard Matthews Confirm That Healthier Turkey Twizzlers Will Return This Week

Never thought I would see the day.

It’s been a long time coming – over 15 years in fact – but it’s been confirmed by Bernard Matthews themselves that their legendary Turkey Twizzlers will be returning to supermarket shelves this week at some point.

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The iconic frozen food was huge in the early 90s and 00s until a campaign from Jamie Oliver saw them taken off the shelves as he highlighted the fact that they were supremely unhealthy and only contained 32% turkey. Yuck.

Thankfully, the new version – that I’m guessing it’s taken them over 15 years to develop? – will contain more than double the original’s turkey content. I guess that’s OK because none of these things are ever going to contain 100% of the actual meat, are they?

Here’s what Bernard Matthew’s marketing director David Leigh said:

We have been discussing the return of the Twizzler for some time. Obviously we’d like the product to go into schools, but for the minute, we’ve focused on going into what I guess you’d call mass market retail.

If you look at our product now and let’s say you compared, say, two pork sausages to two Twizzlers, there’s 83% more saturated fat in two average pork sausages compared to two Twizzlers.

So we have spent a lot of time making sure that we are delivering a healthy, a significantly healthier, product than it was before.

It is very much a different product.

I mean that sounds like everyone’s winning really doesn’t it? The Twizzlers will come in two separate flavours:  original tangy tomato, and chilli cheese and will be available from this Thursday 20th August. Not sure on the price yet, but when every one is only 87 calories I don’t think we’re gonna be too fussy about it, are we?

In reality though, I don’t think I’ve ever even had a Turkey Twizzler which is strange because it’s definitely something I would have been into when I was a kid. I guess my parents knew the health risks?

Anyway, as an adult I can’t say that I’m going to be interested in picking these up, even if they’re much healthier and low in calories. They look completely rank, just let me eat a turkey steak or something instead. I’m sure some people will be stoked though.

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