Watch Ben Shapiro Read The Lyrics To ‘WAP’ By Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

What planet are we living on?

Geeky white guys reading hardcore rap lyrics will always be funny, and so I thought this clip of Ben Shapiro reading the lyrics to controversial song of the moment ‘Wap’ by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion would be worth sharing.

I mean watching super conservative Shapiro unironically read the lyrics to a song named ‘Wet Ass Pussy’ is the type of comedy I never expected to see in this lifetime, but I guess we are living in 2020 after all:

Lol. Which was your favourite part? “Wet ass p-word” got me every time, but I can’t believe we now also have footage of Ben Shapiro saying “spit in my mouth” which will no doubt get clipped into eternity for the internet to enjoy forever.

Naturally, someone’s already made a remix:

It’s pretty crazy how controversial and politicised this song has become since dropping last week. The hard right are bashing the song as everything wrong with society, and the hard left are accepting it as an actual good way to live your life. Meanwhile the majority of us regular folk will just take it for what it is and try not to pop too many boners watching it.

For a look at the petition set up to remove Kylie Jenner from the WAP video, click HERE. Almost on 70,000 signatures!


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