Ben Affleck Just Got A Tramp Stamp Tattoo Following His Divorce From Jennifer Garner

Come on, he looks fine.

In case you hadn’t heard, Ben Affleck split up with Jennifer Garner recently after 10 years of marriage. How’s he handling it? Ehhhh not so well really from the looks of it:


Someone also managed to photograph what appears to be a tramp stamp on his lower back:


What can you say really, A-list celebrities have to go through the break-up depression process like everyone else. Some people lock themselves away and just stop shaving/eating/doing anything at all and others go completely nuts with a crazy new haircut or tramp stamp tattoo and just go live it up out on the town. Ben Affleck is doing a mix of all those things.

P.S. To be fair that’s what I look like anytime I go out to get coffee in the morning too… I don’t have a tramp stamp though.


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