These Bemused White People At A Black Wedding Are Just Too Good

Bemused White people

They’re really not feeling the music.

There are few occasions in life that really give you the opportunity to experience a different culture to your own in full, but one of those is definitely when you get invited to a wedding of people from a different background to your own.

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Judging by the video below, it might be a good thing that there are few of these opportunities though because the guys in it do not look like they’re having a good time. They’re some uptight white people who are attending their black friend’s wedding and they’re utterly bemused when ‘International Player’s Anthem’ comes on and the groom rips off his shirt and starts dabbing with all his mates.

The look on their faces is absolutely priceless:

Whoa. Maybe stick to the white weddings in the future eh? Or at least go into something like this with the attitude that you’re going to jump in and enjoy it rather than just stand there having a terrible time and judging everyone. Fucking white people.

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