Belle Delphine Mocks Trigger Warnings And Shares More Disturbing Kidnap/Rape Photographs

These are even more messed up.

The internet was up in arms a couple of days ago after Belle Delphine shared a bunch of photographs of her supposedly being kidnapped and raped by her kidnapper on Twitter without any kind of warning and to be honest I think they kind of have a point for once because the photographs were a bit disturbing, even for a guy like me.

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Anyway, Belle Delphine clearly doesn’t care what the internet thinks because she first refused to apologise for the pictures or take them down and has now doubled down on her stance and posted more of them whilst also mocking trigger warnings in general. Take a look at her posts below and see what you think:

Oof. Not really sure what she’s trying to achieve here other than pissing people off, but I suppose she is trending all over Twitter right now because of it and that’s only going to lead to more subscribers on her OnlyFans, so I guess she’s just trying to earn even more money from it. And succeeding. I need a new career.

For more of the same, check out her original disturbing photographs. Hell of a week for the young woman.


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