Bella Hadid’s Underwear Selfie Totally Backfired When Her Fans Turned On Her


Seems a tad harsh.

Supermodel Bella Hadid has done a pretty good job of trying to bring down the Kardashians and claim the throne for her and her sister Gigi. However, recently she has come under fire for her shocking weight loss, which she claims is for her upcoming gig with Victoria’s Secret.

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This was only made worse when she decided to post an underwear selfie to her Instagram followers, with the caption:


Morning! Getting excited for Paris! Victoria Secret Lets go!

However, poor old Bella did not receive the type of comments she was expecting. As with her previous Nike campaign, her many followers started speculating over her newly worked on figure. Here are just a couple of comments:

This is unhealthy.

Damn. Please eat something.

She’s got so skinny, that is so sad.


Firstly, if you’re going to moan about models getting too skinny, then why are you following a supermodel as she’s preparing for the notoriously strict Victoria’s Secret runway? Just look away if it upsets you. Secondly, she’s clearly not anorexic or suffering from any kind of eating disorder. She’s just been working out loads – most people would look the same if they could be arsed to spend three hours in the gym each day.


But I’m afraid people don’t want to do that, mostly because the gym is full of douchebags like this.


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