Bella Hadid’s Latest Modelling Campaign Has Caused A Huge Backlash Against Nike (PHOTO)


Haters gonna hate.

Model Bella Hadid may have just landed a campaign with one of the world’s biggest brands, but already the 20-year-old has been body slammed for being too thin.

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After becoming the new face for Nike, as well as getting a spot secured for next month’s Victoria Secret show, she decided to post her achievement to her many Instagram followers.

But it wasn’t long before people were commenting on Hadid’s post, claiming that her thin frame isn’t in line with the athletic ethos of Nike. Here are just a few comments from the online community:

This is why young girls get eating disorders, when being abnormally thin is glorified. Well done @nike.

I love how so many athletic companies are signing models now and not athletes because they know people look up to models more then they lookup to people with real talent.

Nike? She’s not an athlete but more importantly it’s giving young girls unrealistic expectations yet again.

Why not use @theashleygraham come on now @NIKE have some sense.

Hadid has commented that she perhaps has been working a little bit too hard with the Victoria’s Secret trainer in the run up to the show in December:

I’ve been eating hard protein every day, and working out for three hours every day.

I don’t think it’s very fair to rip into Hadid and call her ‘abnormally thin’ when she’s clearly worked hard to get herself into shape. Fair enough if they want to point this out to Nike, which they have done, but she’s simply trying to make it in the modeling world. It’s just unfortunate that she landed a Victoria’s Secret deal at the same time as working for an athletic brand. After all, we all know Victoria’s Secret is that the models have to be incredibly slim – and walk like you’ve had lots of sex apparently.


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