Bella Hadid Posted This NSFW Pic After Hearing About The Weeknd And Selema Gomez


Nicely done.

Not sure if any of you heard but Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are hooking up now, as proved by this NSFW picture he shared of Selena online.

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This must come as a shock to Bella Hadid, who was in a long-term relationship with the “musician” up until recently. There’s nothing worse than your ex moving on quickly with someone who’s significantly better looking than you.

Weeknd Bella

But instead of crying into a bucket of ice cream and Valium, Bella decided to post the following picture on her Instagram account, amongst other pictures of herself in order to “show him what he’s missing”:

And here are some of the others:

Good effort, but she’s fighting a losing battle:


The Weeknd. How the fuck does he do it? He must be killer in bed because he’s not someone you would describe as a looker. And yet he still manages to bag supermodels.


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