Behind The Scenes Footage From ‘Borat 2’ Shows Sacha Baron Cohen Narrowly Escaping The Gun Rally


Whatever you think about Sacha Baron Cohen and his comedy – and there are quite a few opinions following the release of ‘Borat 2’ – you sorta have to respect him because for him it’s all about stepping into enemy territory and pissing them off as much as possible and these are actions that could have serious consequences.

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For the most part it all kinda looks like fun and games in ‘Borat 2’, but this footage below proves that this wasn’t always the case, as it shows Cohen’s desperate escape from a gun rally in Washington where he had riled the crowd up quite a bit. Sacha has recently revealed that he wore a bulletproof vest during the scene and felt like he was lucky to get out of there alive as well.

Here’s the scene:

Geez that does look terrifying doesn’t it? Can you imagine what those people might have done to Sacha if they had found him? Probably taken him round the back and tied him up to a chair and given him a good beating with a belt or pistol whipped him I imagine and even though it wouldn’t have killed him, it would have smashed him up real good. Gotta give the guy credit for being willing to go to these lengths for his art.

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