Here Are Ten Before And After Photographs That Show How War Has Ravaged The Largest City In Syria

Aleppo 3


It’s well documented that the situation in Syria is beyond terrible at the moment judging by the amount of refugees that are desperate to get out of there and start new lives anywhere that will have them.

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These before and after photographs of the biggest city in Syria (and one of the oldest in the world) Aleppo will put into context just how bad it is over there in case you still had your doubts. In July 2012, an ongoing military conflict began in the city between the Syrian army and the rebels that was characterised by the Syrian Army’s tactic of dropping burning barrels from helicopters onto the city.

As such, much of the city was destroyed and much of the population was killed or evacuated:

Aleppo 1

Aleppo 2

Aleppo 4

Aleppo 5

Aleppo 6

Aleppo 7

Aleppo 8

Aleppo 9

Aleppo 10

So sad. If you ever find yourselves questioning refugees and their motives, maybe take a look at these photographs and realise the horrors that they’re trying to escape to build better lives for themselves. It’s not their fault their country is getting completely destroyed due to some idiots.

If you ever wondered why all this shit kicked off in Syria, then check out this comic book that does a pretty good job of explaining it.


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