This Beastie Boys Performance On Letterman In 04 Is Pure Fire

Beastie Boys Letterman

Nobody rocked it like the Beastie Boys.

The Beastie Boys were one of the greatest live bands on the planet and unfortunately we’ll never be able to see them again due to the sad recent passing of MCA because of cancer. RIP.

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Whilst it sucks that we’ll never see them perform again, there are at least countless videos of their epic live performances for us to look back on, and this is one of them from The Late Show With David Letterman back in 04 to promote their new song ‘Ch-Check It Out’. The clip starts with them in the subway then walking around the streets of New York before finally ending up in Letterman’s studio, all through that classic fisheye lens they love to use:

Wow, once again the Beastie Boys laying down a marker for how it should be done. We’ll never see the like again.

For more of the same check it out when they performed Sabotage on the same show ten years before that. Another epic performance.


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