Bearded Lady Ditches Razor And Grows Beard, Despite Receiving Death Threats

Bearded Lady

Hanaah Kaun says that she feels way more feminine now and would never think of ditching her beard again.

Harnaam Kaur suffers from a rare skin condition called polycystic ovary syndrome which causes excessive hair growth. Obviously being a girl this was hardly ideal for her as no girl really wants to be able to grow a beard, do they?

However, despite the fact that Harnaam has been bulled at school and receiving death threats online from complete strangers because of the way she looked ever since the onset of the condition at the age of 11, she’s now decided to ditch her razor and fully embrace her hairy genes. Hair also appears on her chest and arms.

Harnaam owes her change in heart to the fact that she has now been baptised as a Sikh –  a religion that prevents the removal of body hair. Harnaam says that becoming a Sikh helped her to realise that her condition was a part of how God made her and this helped her to finally accept it. Now she says she feels more feminine and sexy than ever – which is kind of hard to believe but hey who am I to judge? – and intends to never cut her hair again, despite what anyone says. Good on her.

Harnaam hopes that her story can inspire others who are living with the condition to be more accepting of it, as she revealed that she considered suicide and self harm during her teens because she was bullied so bad and couldn’t stop the hair growing, even when she was waxing, shaving and bleaching her hair. At one point she even refused to leave the house.

Thankfully that is all behind her  now though and she’s loving her new lease of life. Check out some pictures and videos of her below. Sorry about the narrator in the video sounding like a complete knob but we didn’t make it so what can you do?

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