BBC Three Just Released The Most Bizarrely Racist Short Comedy Sketch Ever

BBC3 RacistBBC3 Racist

What is going on with this?

BBC Three has got a reputation for producing some off the wall shows that have gone on to find mainstream notoriety, but it’s fair to say that they’ve had a few mishits out there as well.

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The video below is definitely one of those and I can’t even honestly believe that they even financed it and then allowed it to be published under their name. The sketch show comes from Verona Rose and features a black woman being taken out by a white guy who tries to get down with I guess what I would call ‘black culture’ in the cringiest way possible.

Seriously, this will leave you puzzled and bewildered and most importantly not laughing at all:

I mean what the actual? I don’t even get what it’s trying to say or achieve other than making white people look like complete idiots? Which is fine because a lot of them are but to do it in such an outwardly cartoonly racist way is just completely and utterly bizarre and uncalled for?

I was thinking that maybe I just don’t get it because I’m a white guy, but all of the people replying to the original tweet seem to be in agreement that it should never have been commissioned and that it makes no sense at all and is completely missing the point. Some are even demanding a written apology from them. I’ve gotta agree with them – can’t believe the BBC haven’t immediately taken it down to be honest.

For more of the same, check out this disgusting woman launching a racist tirade on a black dude for literally no reason. Honestly, the state of some people.


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