VIDEO: BBC News Release 2013 Blooper Reel

BBC NEws 2013 Blooper Reel

Unsurprisingly this clocks in at about 15 minutes because BBC News seems to be the most unprofessional organisation ever.

The BBC has released their annual blooper reel and unsurprisingly it clocks in at around 15 minutes because – as one YouTuber dutifully comments –  ‘I watch BBC News 24 constantly and there’s a blooper almost every ten minutes’. When you’re bored on Christmas Day this is a great way to tide you over and it’s kind of nuts that such a huge multinational channel can make so many mistakes on such a consistent basis. At least they can laugh at themselves huh?

Featuring a bunch of camera malfunctions, sound malfunctions and putting the wrong video up when talking about something completely different. And that guy holding a packet of printer paper instead of an iPad, of course.

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