The BBC Messed Up The Subtitles For Donald Trump’s Inauguration And It Was Amazing

BBC Triump Subtitles FUcked

So apt.

Donald Trump was inaugurated on Friday and then promptly decided to take the weekend off. In light of the event, the BBC made their coverage of the event a little different by messing up the subtitles to imply what a lot of the world was thinking.

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The fault was apparently only localised and didn’t affect too many television sets, but it involved dialogue taken from CBBC kids show and Tracey Beaker spin-off ‘The Dumping Ground‘. I have absolutely no idea what that show is about, but it seemed to come up with some perfect lines for the situation including “no one wants you here” and “just shut it, yeah?”


If only that was how it had really gone down, although admittedly it didn’t really make any sense at all. Much like Donald Trump’s actual inauguration.

Anyway, the President is back from his holiday today so expect him to have done at least five stupid things by the end of the week. That is if he stops baiting out people about TV ratings on his Twitter account already.


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