Donald Trump Spent The Whole Morning Ripping Into Arnold Schwarzenegger


So the country’s just going to run itself then?

Donald Trump will be inaugurated into the White House in a couple of weeks, and you’ve really got to hope that he takes the job a bit more seriously than he is now.

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That’s because instead of doing anything important, Donald Trump spent this morning looking up ratings for the new series of ‘The Apprentice’, where he’s been replaced as the show’s host by Arnold Schwarzenegger. It turns out that, despite being President of the United States, Trump is still kind of pissed that he was axed from ‘The Apprentice’ and as such felt the need to diss Arnie about it:

What an absolute badass. Seems like at least 13,000 are stoked to see him tweeting about this crap rather than running the country though, so there’s that at least. Unfortunately, for the rest of us it only makes us have even less confidence in his regime.

Fingers crossed he pulls it out of the bag and doesn’t end up embroiled in a celebrity boxing match with Arnie or anything. I don’t really think you can rule it out at this point though, do you? The political climate is pretty much reality television at this point.

There’s actually a theory that Trump only started his whole Presidential campaign to try and get back on ‘The Apprentice’, so if that’s true then it would kind of make sense as to why he sent out those tweets. Imagine doing that then actually ending up in the White House. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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