Here’s A Batshit Crazy Story About How SEGA Stole A 13 Year Old’s Idea For A Video Game


A lot of people are currently posting their stories online about how black creatives have had their work/ideas stolen by white people to further their careers and this Twitter thread about how SEGA stole a 13 year old kid’s idea for a video game is up there with the best of them.

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Let’s just dive right in:

OK so first off I know people are going to say that there’s no way that SEGA would have known the race of this kid and I’m gonna agree with that because I can’t see how they could have either, unless something is missing out of the story. This is why I didn’t bother putting the fact he was black in the headline, but the way this guy has presented it is in terms of race and I can’t do anything about that.

However, the fact that SEGA ripped off a 13 year old kid regardless of his race is completely crazy, especially as it seems like he can prove it with the letters he received from them and all the notebooks/ideas he had as well. Some people are saying that a similar options screen appeared on Madden ’92 and there are a bunch of other explanations for how this might have happened – I guess anyone could write that stuff out now and also print out a letter with a SEGA letterhead – but I kinda wanna believe that SEGA did this and see them get sued for a bunch of money. What a story that would be.

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