A Day In The Life Of Batman_LDN


Batman_LDN has been kind of quiet on Sick Chirpse recently, but he’s back with a fascinating, hard hitting documentary all about his daily life.


Batman_LDN used to a be pretty tight with us guys at Sick Chirpse, but we haven’t seen so much of him lately. Not sure why but I guess we just drifted apart as he’s been focussing on his video series and fighting crimes and chirpsing girls or whatever whereas we’ve just been getting baked and chilling. But yeah it looks like he just made a video called a day in the life of Batman_LDN and it just dropped so I figured I would get it up here and give him a shout out for old times sake. Big up Batman_LDN.

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So yeah the video is called A Day In The Life Of Batman_LDN and it’s pretty typical Batman_LDN if you’ve seen him before. You get to see him walk around a shopping centre, go to Cafe Nero and sit on a stoop and explain some of the mysteries of his day to day life, including what he’s smoking at the moment, his true thoughts about his great rival Superman and just how much gash he actually gets. There isn’t really that much I can say about the video without giving away most of the jokes so I’m just gonna shut up for once and let you watch it. This might be shortest post I’ve ever done on Sick Chirpse.

Check out the video below and then stay tuned to Sick Chirpse this year for some more of the dumb stuff that Batman_LDN gets up to. Bless.

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