VIDEO: Batman Gets His Own Badass Version Of The True Detective Title Sequence

Batman True Detective

Judging on this title sequence, they should definitely cast Batman in the new series of True Detective.

If you’re as old as me, then you probably remember watching Batman: The Animated Series on Saturday mornings and you definitely remember how awesomely atmospheric and badass the opening sequence was, as Batman took out some crooks who were robbing a bank on a skyscraper to the sounds of an epic score by Danny Elfman.

You probably thought nothing could match that sequence in terms of how cool Batman could actually be, but you would be wrong. It may have taken the best part of twenty years, but some guy called Josh Newman has surpassed that, with this amazing Batman mashup with the True Detective title sequence. HBO should forget about finding another detective for next season and just get the rights so they can make a sick Batman series in the vein of True Detective/The Animated Series. Now that would be something, and they already have the title sequence ready made for them. Go for it guys.

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