Watch Batman Beat Up Spiderman Before Santa Claus Steps In To Help Out

Batman Spiderman Santa

People have often dreamed of a fight between Spiderman and Batman (for the uneducated that would never really happen as they exist in different comic universes), but I doubt that anyone would ever have thought we would see it play out on the streets of Eastern Europe and that Santa Claus would be getting involved too.

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The fight went down last Christmas and I’ve got absolutely no idea why it was going on, but Batman does not look happy to see Spiderman when he attacks him in the street, no sir. He’s beating the absolute crap out of him and it’s only thanks to an interference from none other than Santa Claus that he isn’t taken to the hospital.

Get your head around this:

Yep, absolutely no idea what that was all about but wasn’t it completely bizarre and awesome to see? You’ve gotta hand it to the Eastern Europeans, there’s never a dull moment over there whatsoever.

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