Batman Sidekick Robin Comes Out As Bisexual In New Comic Book And People Are Not Happy


I think most people assumed Robin was bi or at least a bit gay given the fact he’s been running around in tights for about 50 years (not to mention his name is ‘Robin’ ffs). Well it’s now been officially acknowledged in the latest installment of ‘Batman: Urban Legends’, and has prompted the sort of reaction you might expect.

Here’s how it plays out in the comic:

Well, at least he’s not bumming Alfred I suppose. Here are some of the comments – good and bad – doing the rounds:

Obviously there are a ton of different comics and interpretations of Robin out there, so just because he’s bisexual in this instalment doesn’t mean he’s bisexual across the comic book universe. Do the people having a meltdown over this realise that? Yeah OK I get the argument that they could just invent a fresh bisexual/gay character, but it’s really no biggie. Although as I say, even old school Robin was camp as f*ck back in the day. Batman too for that matter, but especially Robin.

I guess part of the fun is watching people overreact to it, although I do get it’s obviously a push to get more LGBT audiences to consume their media. It’s Robin after all – one of the most popular characters in the series. Easier to slap the sexuality on him rather than introduce a character who is openly bi from the beginning. Let’s hope they draw the line at a full on Batman/Robin gay relationship though. That might be too much to handle.

To watch a guy in a Spider-Man costume break up a fight in NYC while Batman just stood there and watched, click HERE. Poor form by the Caped Crusader.


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