Make Your Bath Stink Of Fried Chicken With The Aromatic KFC Bath Bomb

KFC bath bomb

Finger lickin’ good.

Ever sat in a nice hot bath and just thought, “I wish the air was filled with the scent of fried chicken right now.”

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No, me neither. But regardless of the fact that no one would ever want their bath to smell like a deep fat fryer, KFC has teamed up with Japanese company Village Vanguard to create a fried chicken bath bomb.

In case you don’t remember, Village Vanguard were the same company behind a range of ramen and soup scented bath salts, so it’s no surprise that KFC went to these guys to develop this bizarre product.

The bath bomb itself will make your tub water smell like fried chicken, complete with KFC’s blend of 11 herbs and spices. It’s even shaped like a drumstick and its official name is ‘Chicken smell bathing powder’.

KFC bath bomb

If you aren’t totally put off by this idea and you’d like to get your hands on one, you’ll have to be one of the lucky 100 people chosen by lottery each day between 1st November to 15th November. Oh yeah… and you’ll also need to live in Japan. Damn. Having said that, I highly doubt any of you really want to leave the house smelling like the KFC special recipe, do you?

If you do happen to live in Japan then you can enter the competition by retweeting the following tweet below:

Or you could just sack off the whole thing and throw a family bucket into your bathtub. Same difference.

For more wacky KFC products, check out the fried chicken candle they came out with recently. I bet that was finger lickin’ good.


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