The Most Ridiculous Fight Ever Broke Out At A Bath & Body Works (VIDEO)

Great to see we’re finally getting back to normalcy.

If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that fights take place in retailers like Walmart and ASDA, not in bath shop chains like Bath & Body Works where you’ve got lavender aromas in the air and all other kinds of calming fragrances and candles keeping people’s tempers in check.

Well, the internet is nothing if not full of surprises, and sure enough a video has gone viral showing a massive brawl break out in Bath & Body Works over God knows what:

Damn! Wonder what they were even fighting about? Face masks I bet. Either way that poor shopper never stood a chance, even before the co-worker showed up for the double team. Mess about with people making $10 an hour and you’re losing that fight every time.

Where were the husbands/boyfriends to break it all up? Probably sat outside the shop on some bench somewhere scrolling through their phones as their wives browse soaps that cost $20. Not to worry though because the Bath & Body Works employees have apparently been trained to whoop ass when need be. Great to see the world finally getting back to normalcy!

Bonus video – I think this Tweeter may be onto something:

To watch an epic fight break out at Ken’s Kebab in Portsmouth, click HERE.


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