Is Basse Andersen The Most Easily Scared Man On The Planet?

basse andersen

A company in Norway called Oestereng and Bernstad have claimed that their employee Basse Andersen is the most easily scared man on the planet, and have made this video to illustrate just why they think this. There’s a lot of pranks and a lot of insane reactions from Basse.

basse andersen

Basse Andersen is some middle aged dude from Norway who works for some company called Oestereng and Benestad in some city over there called Arendal doing paperwork and filing or some kind of bullshit like that. That isn’t what’s interesting about him though, as whoever made this video (I think it’s his coworkers but I’m not 100% sure of that one) have claimed that he is the most easily scared man on the planet and this video certainly backs that view up. Although it doesn’t feature as many pranks as you would hope for in a 2 and a half minute video, the ones it does feature get a hilarious reaction out of Basse and you think that he really might be the most easily scared man on the planet.

I don’t want to mention all the pranks in this article as it might ruin the surprise but the best prank and reaction is definitely the one where the prankster puts himself in a box so that when Basse takes the top box off the stack of boxes it reveals the other guys head. That is a real sick prank in its own right but it’s way better when you see the way Basse reacts, screaming and rolling round on the floor because he is so scared. I mean is that really THAT scary? It might be kind of shocking but I doubt I would react to it like that, I would probably just be like ‘Whoa and take a few steps back’ and then slap the dude in the face because he wouldn’t be able to protect himself – I wouldn’t go anywhere near as crazy as this Basse guy. It would be so fun to work with him though because it seems like the whole office just spends most of their days thinking about how to best prank him and that sounds like an awesome even if the company looks really boring and is based in Norway.

You can check out the video below and let us know if you think Basse Andersen is actually the most easily scared man on the planet or if you know someone who is more easily scared than him:

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