Meet The Barber Who Cuts People’s Hair With A Samurai Sword

Samurai Sword Haircut

Talk about a close shave.

Getting a good haircut seems to be getting harder and harder these days – take a look at these guys if you don’t believe me – and with the plethora of gimmick barber shops opening up over East London it’s difficult to even know where to go to try and get one. And don’t get me started on the price.

If I lived in Vietnam though, I definitely know where I would be heading and it’s to this dude called Nguyen Hoang Hung who trims your locks with a katana – better known as a Japanese samurai sword. Whilst the idea of this might completely freak you out, Hung explains that he uses an extremely light touch with his samurai sword (you would think so huh?) which enables him to create feathered, layered cuts that he assures us would be impossible via any other method. And his clients seem to love it, so what isn’t there to like?

Of course, this style of a haircut is more suitable for women with long hair rather than a relatively short haired guy like myself,  but I’d still be willing to give Hung a shot if ever I found myself in the vicinity. Maybe some gimmick barber shop over here can fly him over for a residency?


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