Barack Obama Wants Will Smith To Play Him In A Movie

Barack Obama

The perfect match.

Barack Obama is one of the most popular presidents in recent times, and it’s not really that surprising that there might be a film about his story in the near future – after all, he was the first ever black President and that’s an important landmark in American history that probably should be recognised with its own motion picture.

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It seems that it’s even an idea that Obama himself has toyed with as well and he wants Will Smith to play him in any kind of formal biopic. The actor revealed this information during a 5 minute teaser for his upcoming episode of ‘Car Pool Karaoke’ with James Corden.

You can watch the full clip below, but the key information revealed in it is that the pair have talked about it, with Will saying the following crucial line:

Yes… I talked to Barack about it… he told me he felt confident that I had the ears for the role.

What a joker – I suppose it is true though and I’m sure a lot of people would absolutely love to see Will Smith playing Obama too. He would almost certainly nail the role as well.

If you really respect Will Smith too then you might wanna give watching the full clip a miss as you find out something very disturbing regarding his favourite kind of pizza later on. It’s not cool, let’s put it that way.

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