Barack Obama Makes The Same Crap Joke Every Time He Sees Justin Trudeau


Come on Obama.

You probably expect that all the heads of states from around the world have regular meetings and dinner parties where they discuss the fate of the universe, but you probably haven’t ever taken the time to consider the small talk and bad jokes that might emanate from said encounters.

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Thankfully Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is here to enlighten us with this tale about what happens when he heads to The White House to have dinner with Barack Obama. Turns out he makes the same shit joke every single time they sit down to tuck in:

I’ve been to a couple dinners at the White House now and Obama always uses the same joke and it’s always very, very funny.

He’s like, “I hope you enjoy dinner, I’ve been cooking all day”.


Oh man. You know when you think someone’s really cool and then they do one thing badly and their cool rating just completely and utterly plummets? Well, that just happened with Obama and Trudeau has gone down in my estimation too for lying about finding it funny too. Nobody wins in this situation.

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Sorry guys. At least Barack had a pretty good eight year stint at the top eh?

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