Barack Obama Is Still One Cool Dude

I bet if Obama rolled up to a party he’d be able to fvck any of the girls there.

Barack Obama really is one cool guy. He’s always in the news for doing awesome stuff like turning up unexpected at burger joints to eat  burgers and sip brews, then turning up to Irish bars to drink Guinness on St Patrick’s Day, and not to mention my personal favourite when Obama was photosd giving the cleaner at the White House a ‘safe’ with his fist. How does he have time to do all this shit? Isn’t he meant to be running America?

Obama’s latest stunt happened a few days ago on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. The clip of the show starts with Jimmy Fallon talking about the news, and then talking with The Roots, and then saying he wants to slow jam the news and then BAM – who appears, oh yeah, Barack Obama bitches, you better believe it.

All Obama has to do is say ‘I’m President Barack Obama’ and the crowd go nuts – I bet if Obama rolled up to a party he’d be able to fvck any of the girls there, just with that one line. Then as promised, Barack, Jimmy and The Roots slow jam the news to the audience’s delight. Respect Barack, you truly are one cool mother fucker, and if you ever read this while you’re baked and just wasting some time on the internet Googling yourself, drop us a mention on your next big TV interview please, ta.

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