Banksy Sells His Artwork In Central Park For $60, Nobody Buys It

Spray Art

Banksy’s New York City residency continues with a prank that displays just how busy/dumb people from New York City can be.

Banksy’s New York residency just seems to be getting funnier and funnier and this latest stunt is one of his best yet. Over the weekend, Banksy blogged that the previous day he had set up a stall in Central Park selling genuine Banksy prints anonymously for $60. He simply advertised the collection as ‘spray art’ and sent some old dude to sit on the street all day, waiting for people to come by and check out his prints and possibly buy them. Only hardly anyone did, as you may have guessed.

There were about 40 of his prints available for purchase and the whole collection could be valued at well over a million dollars. Of course, after a whole day of trading only three people actually bought any of the prints, and one of those even had the nerve to haggle it down to under $30. She should probably become an art dealer with an eye like that and the ability to completely annihilate the price too.

Banksy says that the stunt was a one off and his stall won’t be appearing again, so if you’re one of those lucky three people who managed to pick up a piece then you really should be patting yourself on the back – if you haven’t already sold it and bought a new house with the profits that is.

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