A Bank Robber’s Writing Was So Bad Staff Didn’t Realise What Was Happening

What a feeble attempt.

I’m not really sure how common people robbing banks are these days and how often they go in and drop a note to the teller trying to do that like in the movies, but at least one guy tried and failed miserably down in Hastings back in March of this year.

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67 year old Alan Slattery was sentenced to six years in prison for attempted robbery this week after attempting to rob three banks earlier this year. He visited the banks in Hastings and Eastbourne and slipped the cashiers notes demanding that they hand over some big money too him, but his handwriting was so crummy that nobody could figure out what he wanted and he ended up leaving most of the banks without anything.

Here’s what a spokesman from Sussex Police said about the bizarre attempted crime spree:

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Staff at the Nationwide building society later managed to read the note, which said, ‘Your screen won’t stop what I’ve got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s. Think about the other customers.’

They then rang police, who attended and seized the note and CCTV footage from inside the bank.

Staff at the Natwest bank reported a man entering the branch and handing over a threatening note demanding money.

The cashier challenged the man, who then left empty-handed.

The man did manage to obtain £2400 from the Nationwide in St Leonards though.

Wow, they must have great eyesight AND be major pussies in St Leonards hey! Kinda ridiculous that anyone would be threatened by that pathetic note when it’s carried by a 67 year old man, but he does kinda look a bit unhinged so maybe it was for the best?

He’s in jail now though and everyone is laughing about this stupid note so I guess it all turned out alright. Hope nobody was traumatised by his actions or anything. Too stupid to be have that effect, surely?

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