Bank Of England Warns That 15 Million Jobs Are Apparently Going To Be Taken By Robots

Those bloody robots, coming here and taking our jobs.

Those bloody robots, coming over here and taking our jobs.

The Bank Of England has predicted that 15 million people will be replaced by robots over the next 30 years.

Low paid jobs are the ones most at risk, including sales and customer service people, factory workers and even skilled tradesmen. Scary times.

Andy Haldane is a leading economist that has said that people are already losing their livelihood thanks to the ‘rise of the robots’. He warns that if the predictions are true, there will be a workplace revolution.

He said:

If these visions were to be realised, however futuristic this sounds, the labour market patterns of the past three centuries would shift to warp speed.

Machines are already undertaking tasks that were unthinkable — if not unimaginable — a decade ago.

It’s a scary idea. Haldane warns that us mortals will have to adjust in order to compete with the machines in the workplace, and have more training in the jobs that (as yet) robots can’t do.


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