Man Spends Fortune Covering Up His Arrest; Completely Forgets The Internet Exists

What year is this guy living in?

A man named Joseph Talbot was arrested and charged with driving under the influence in New York this week, and when he sobered up, he was panicking at the thought of his friends, family and neighbours finding out.

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Joseph came up with a genius idea to keep his name out of the news – by removing the news source altogether.

Daily newspapers stacked one on top.

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Yep, Joseph went around his area in Wayne County and bought every single copy of the Times of Wayne County newspaper he could find (about 1000 copies) at $1.25 a pop to ensure no one would see his DUI arrest and mugshot.

Unfortunately for him, he completely forgot that the Internet exists and the newspaper’s website had also published the story alongside his mugshot. Whoops.


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The funniest thing about this is that in trying to hide his DUI arrest, Joseph sent his own story viral and now literally millions of people around the world know about his arrest, as opposed to just the few locals he was worried about. It also turns out about 12000 copies of the paper get published so buying up to 1000 of them wouldn’t have been enough anyway.

Still, you have to appreciate the effort. If I ever bump into Joseph I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t hear about his DUI arrest. It’s only fair.

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