Bank Accidentally Deposits $120,000 In Couple’s Account And They Bought A Racecar With It

Even if I checked my bank account and there was $100,000 (or pounds, whatever) more in there than I thought there was going to be, I don’t think that there’s any way that I could enjoy that money because it quite obviously belongs to someone else and shouldn’t be there and if I did spend it then it would definitely come back to haunt my ass.

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Other people seem to be a lot more reckless than me though as we can see in the case of Tiffany and Robert Williams who saw their bank balance grow by $120,000 literally overnight after a dumb bank clerk accidentally deposited that much in their account. By the time the bank had realised what had happened almost three weeks later on June 20th, the pair had managed to blow through about $100,000 of it, buying a Chevrolet SUV, a camper, a car trailer and a race car, whilst also using it to pay off bills and give $15,000 to a friend in need. Pretty sweet deal for the friend hey!

Anyway, as you might expect these two idiots got what was coming to them pretty quickly here. Well as soon as the bank figured out there mistake anyhow – the bank contacted Tiffany and told her that she would have to pay back the funds. State Trooper Aaron Brown explains what happened then:

The bank notified Tiffany Williams and told her she and her husband were responsible for the return of all the funds.

Tiffany Williams told the bank that she no longer had the funds because she had already paid off bills.

She told the bank her husband had spent a great portion of the funds and purchased a four-wheeler.

She said she would speak to her husband and attempt to construct a repayment agreement.

The pair then both went completely quiet on multiple attempts to contact them from the bank until they were arraigned last week.

They have been charged with theft and receiving stolen property and have been released on $25,000 bail each.

Well it’s gonna be great to see what excuses they use to try and get out of this one isn’t it? ‘Errr I thought that the money was all mine’, ‘Errr I didn’t realise I wasn’t able to spend the magic money that just showed up in my account’, ‘Errr I’m a twat’ etc etc Don’t really think any of those are gonna work, do you?

It’s absolutely crazy that these guys thought it would be a good idea to buy a goddamn race car with the money and even more bizarrely gie $15,000 of it to someone else, but I guess that’s the kind of people were dealing with here. Probably saw Logan Lucky a couple of years ago and figured they could do something similar. No sirree Bob.

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