Bam Margera Just Got Knocked The F Out By An Icelandic Rapper At Secret Solstice Festival

Lights out.

It’s not clear how this kicked off exactly — Bam claims he was trying to get in touch with one of the festival’s agents about getting paid when some “scumbag” attacked him.

According to witnesses though, Bam was drunk off his nut and harassing 2 female employees for the festival who weren’t letting him through to the production room.

This results in Icelandic rapper Gísli Palmi (in yellow, with sunglasses) and his friends sparking him out cold:


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Who ever heard of Icelandic thuggery before? That’s what rap music will do to you I suppose. Still, Bam has probably spent half of his life knocked out cold so no doubt he’ll recover from this one pretty quickly.

P.S. In case you were after some fire raps by Gísli Palmi:


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