Bam Margera Has Revealed The Depths Of His Serious Alcoholism And Bulimia Troubles

Dark times.

Bam Margera is the portrait of the tragic hero – a man who obtained pretty much everything he ever wanted but still couldn’t find happiness and ended up spiralling into the despair of drug addiction after he was unable to process the death of his good friend Ryan Dunne.

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Fortunately now Bam seems to be out of the other side of his problems after he resolved to lose weight and get back into skateboarding in Europe and he’s started to talk about the life he was leading in a new interview with Munchies. Boy, does it not sound good:

At its worst, I would probably just wake up around 11 AM and instantly start drinking vodka and purple Gatorade; by the end of the night, I would probably have ten pints worth of it. It was pretty bad. It was weird, because there would be times where I would go on a three-day bender of drinking and then five days of not drinking. When that five days ended, I would go on a two-day bender.

It could be a red wine bender, it could be a vodka bender, a beer bender, Jack and coke. I don’t really have a favorite drink. I just liked getting drunk. I never thought beer was delicious, you know?

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It was pretty much the worst diet ever. It would be calories straight from booze all day and then, by the end of the night, when I was borderline blacked out, I would open my fridge and just stuff my face. One time, I ate a frozen pizza. I was so hungry I didn’t even wait to cook it, I just ate it frozen. I woke up the next morning just regretting the shit out of it, because for all those calories from pizza and cheese it [should] taste good, obviously. It was just a frozen block with no flavor.

What happen with me was that I was on the Steve-O tour and we had to do this stunt called the “Tequila Stuntman.” You sniff a line of salt, squirt a lime in your eye, and take a shot of tequila and then throw everything up after. There would be like 5,000 people in the audience at time, so I had to learn how to barf on command. Once I figured that out, it was all over, because whenever I felt like I ate too much or drank too much, I could just barf instantly on command without even putting my finger down my throat. If it was bread, I couldn’t do it, but spaghetti easily. Spaghetti is really easy to throw up on command. Pizzas and subs were harder.

Geez those sound like some really dark times eh? Glad to see that Bam is sober and enjoying his life now – let’s hope he can stay on track so we never have to hear about him experiencing such lows ever again.

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