Bam Margera Has Explained Why He’s Ready To Join The Sober Parade


New year, new me.

The trials and tribulations of Bam Margera over the years have been well documented but it looks as if he’s finally ready to start a new chapter in his life after he entered rehab at the start of the year and has promised to never drink again.

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It’s common knowledge that Bam has found it hard to get over the death of his close friend Ryan Dunn and he alludes to this in his most recent Instagram posts, where he talks about his reasons for seeking sobriety. There’s also a list of things that he doesn’t like about being in rehab which suggests maybe it isn’t going so well, but from what he’s writing it seems like he’s determined to stick it out:

Well, Bam sounds like he really wants it this time, but we know that he’s been admitted two times before and come out and started drinking so who knows if this is when it will all work out for him. Wishing him the best of luck and hoping that third time really is the charm, but you never know in this game.

For more Bam Margera, here he is talking about just how serious his problems with alcohol were in the past. Not good.


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